Alexandrite Eyeshadow Palette

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About Solo Giovane

  • Solo Giovane came to be after a year of struggling with troubled skin and trying every product on the market. The idea behind our makeup and skincare company is the convenience for busy women, as well as people with very sensitive skin.
  • Our skincare is easy to use, fast and effective. Our long-lasting makeup paints beautifully without much effort. We hand-picked our products to meet what we wanted to accomplish, which is to keep the skin looking young and healthy, in a simple and affordable way.

About This Item

  • Our high pigmented Alexandrite 12 colors eyeshadow palette has the ideal combination of pastel shades, black, light grey, and glitter to create a gorgeous look for any occasion.
  • One of a kind combination of beautiful matte, glitter, and shimmer colors you'll find in any eyeshadow palette.
  • Made in the United States of America.