Shower Steamer Chill Pills - Featured in Vogue Magazine 4 Pack

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About L.A. Suds

  • L.A. Suds was founded on the idea of creating exclusive bath and cosmetic products with a glam twist that you can feel good about using.
  • Founder and creator Rachelle Campbell was appalled at the amount of chemicals, non-natural sulfates, and phthalates in everyday bath and cosmetic products and while looking for natural alternatives was even more appalled by the lack of fabulous and cool options out there. Something had to be done!
  • L.A. Suds is here to save the day with glam fun eye-catching products made with natural alternative ingredients.
  • All of L.A. Suds products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality, created with amazing scents, use eco-friendly glitters/shimmers, and packaged with care.

About This Item

  • Sometimes you need to take a chill pill
  • Our Essential Oil Shower Chill Pills are the perfect targeted solutions made for your shower
  • Essentially the shower version of a bath bomb but made with pure essential oils these are perfect whether you are looking for invigoration, soothing, and relaxation
  • Choose your solution, break in half (or use the whole pill for maximum effect), and place in shower where it gets splashed but out of direct water to activate the aromatherapy magic
    Featuring our skin-loving hydrating coconut oil to deeply hydrate and nourish
  • Casting Call Peppermint-Invigorate/Soothe
  • Beauty Sleep Lavender-Relax/Calm
  • Acceptance Speech Lemongrass-Detox/Relax
  • Smog Eucalyptus-Soothe/Sinus
  • 4 Pack