Tina Cruelty Free Silk Lashes 2 Pack

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About Mademoiselle Lash

  • We may be biased, but we truly believe it when we say that Mademoiselle Lash is one of the best false eyelash brands in the industry. Perhaps even the best. Based in Orange County, CA, it’s our mission to design faux eyelashes that are so good, you’ll consider them a must-have accessory in your beauty cabinet.
  • We were created with a philosophy to spread the love of beauty to all. From premium-quality materials and construction, to a range that includes a lash style to suit every eye shape, we won’t be satisfied until everyone who wears false eyelashes calls us their favorite. The best way to decide for yourself if we’re the best eyelashes brand is, of course, to slip on a set of Mademoiselle Lashes and witness the transformation for yourself!! But in the meantime, allow us to explain what makes Mademoiselle Lash so different to other false eyelash brands.

    About This Item

    • 100% silk lashes. Double layer winged design. 9mm (inner), 12mm (center), 15mm (outer). 31mm handmade cotton band. C curl. Up to 20+ years
    • Discover the glamorous, double-layer eyelashes look that will have all eyes on yours! Part of our luxurious Premier collection, these winged eyelashes have our most exaggerated cat’s eye shape to date, reaching a lusciously-long 15mm at the outer corner. It’s an intensely glamorous design that is flattering on every eye shape. Best paired with a smokey eye, a sexy dress, and heaps of attitude!
    • We did however set out to create winged eyelashes that also look as natural as possible, which is why we’ve blended together long lashes and short ones throughout the strip (because real lashes aren’t uniform in length). We’ve also used fine, wispy, real silk fibers that look just like natural eyelashes, and we’ve even given them a C curl which is the lash curve that most of us are born with. Your own lashes will easily blend in with the Tina Lashes
    • If you love the winged eyelashes look, you can’t go wrong with Tina. It’s a suits-everyone style that will have anyone who looks your way entranced in an instant. A must-have for nights out, photoshoots, and other occasions when only the most striking of lash looks will do!
    • 2 Pack