Mermaid Hair Don't Care Trucker Hats

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About Katydid

  • Katydid is the creation of Texas designer and entrepreneur Katy Messersmith.
  • Since 2002, Katydid has grown into a lifestyle brand of cute apparel, entertaining accessories, and trendy gifts. Katy’s sense of fashion and unstoppable work ethic has turned Katydid into an emerging leader in popular women’s apparel and accessories.
  • The unique designs with vivid colors and high-quality fabrics make the stylish Katydid designs very popular and make Katydid a one-of-a-kind women’s fashion brand.

About This Item

  • A day out on the water will do a number on anyone's hair, but your customers won't even mind it in these cool
  • These hats feature beautiful custom mermaid and text embroidery on intentionally distressed fabric for a cool vintage vibe look

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