Calming Bars for Everyday Wellness 120 Treats 2 Pack

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  • We’ve crafted a new style of dog treat. Our Bars are a mix of real apple, sweet potato, carrot, baobab and ginger to create a delicious Plant-Based and Human-Grade delivery system for effective servings of joint support, skin and coat support, allergy relief, anxiety relief and overall discomfort that will help your dogs live at his or her best.
  • Just as humans take vitamins to supplement their diet, pups need extra support to live their best lives, too! Our Bars are curated with active ingredients like Turmeric, Quercetin, Glucosamine and Wild Salmon Oil to keep dogs strong, active, and healthy.

About This Item

  • PETIPET Calming Bars Hemp & Chamomile Dog Supplement help keep your pup cool and composed
  • These all-natural chews promote calmness and wellness during times of added stress, vet visits, fireworks and car trips. They are plant-based and primarily composed of a blend of whole apples and carrots
  • This supplement also features hemp, chamomile and passion flower to promote an everyday calmness and wellness without sedating your pup
  • 120 Treats
  • 2 Pack ($13.99/pack)
  • Made in United States of America

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