The Neuro Support Infused Honey

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About Naturacentric

  • Naturacentric is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand that empowers you to live holistically.
  • We specialize in a unique line of herbal infused local raw honey that includes: Hibiscus, Elderberry, Ginger, Ghost Pepper, Rose Cardamom, Mission Fig, Vanilla Cinnamon, Cacao and many others.

About This Item

  • This infusion targets brain health and functions. The local raw honey is packed with healing enzymes and properties and the natural sugar content helps with absorption
  • Blue berry extract, Bacopa, Schisandra berry, Gotu Kola, Fruiting Body Lion's Mane Mushroom & Hemp Infused in Local Raw Honey
  • Medium 1/2 lb (420 mg)
  • Please reach out if you have any questions at
  • Made in United States

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